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Combo A - age 2.5 - 3.5
(no dance experience required but must be potty trained) 1-hour class      

Combo B - age 3.5 - 4.5
(no dance experience required) 1-hour class

Our Combo A & B class is a great introduction to ballet, creative movement and tumbling. Dancers are introduced to ballet steps, along with basic vocabulary while exploring movement concepts. The dancers will begin basics in class discipline. This class also incorporates visual stimulation and creative movement games to help the dancers learn while having fun! Combo A & B Classes incorporate basics in tap dancing.


Combo C - ages 4.5-5
(no dance experience required) 1-hour class

This class will focus on establishing the basics of ballet, tap and tumbling in a fun and structured learning environment. The students in this class will master basic dance positions, concepts and vocabulary, develop a strong sense of rhythm, while enhancing self-confidence.

Combo D - ages 5-6
(1 yrs dance experience required but two years of experience recommended) 1-hour class 

Students must correctly execute basic positions, steps and movements of ballet and tap to participate in Combo D.  This class will build on dance steps and vocabulary previously learned.  Dancers will further develop technique/vocabulary and explore simple choreography.

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