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Our ballet program combines Cecchetti, English and Vaganova technique to help establish a strong core and proper flexibility for each dancer. The students will master proper placement, turn out, and technique while learning and understanding ballet history and language. The ballet classes are very structured and strive to help attain healthy work ethics, discipline, and self-esteem. Advanced dancers will also train and study Pointe after meeting specific requirements.

Pre- Ballet/Pre-Jazz/Pre-Hip-Hop/Pre-Tap

These classes are designed for children age 7-9 that have no dance experience. They are a bridge into our higher level technique classes.


Premiere Dance Center offers Tap programs from beginning to advanced levels. These programs introduce dancers to a variety of styles, while concentrating on rhythm tap. A wide range of skills will be covered including counter rhythms, rhythmic timing, intricate tap patterns, vocabulary, choreography and improvisation. Our students are recognized for their fast feet as well our unique, contemporary choreography.


Premiere's Jazz program concentrates on proper technique, flexibility, and style. Dancers will master multiple-turn rotations and a variety of leaps and jumps while learning about different jazz forms and exploring the art of dance. The jazz class will incorporate center-floor work, across-the-floor combinations and jazz routines, which will increase the dancer's memory for choreography and movement patterns.


Jazz Funk class is a creative blend of several dance styles including jazz and hip hop. This introductory level class will focus on foundational movements of Hip-Hop including isolations, flexibility, syncopation while also incorporating fluid, full-body jazz and hard-hitting funk. When combined, it creates a style that is both expressive and fun!



This class focuses on expression of the body through music. Each class has a warm-up followed by technical work and a dance combination. Younger classes focus on the story telling aspect of the music and movement. Adult and advanced classes touch on improvisation and choreography. This class allows the dancer to express their emotions and work through the stress of the day.

Pre-teen Ballet/Pre-teen Jazz/Lyrical

These introductory jazz and ballet classes are for ages 10-12 & will concentrate on proper basic technique, flexibility, alignment as well as improvisation and choreography. Dancers will be introduced to single-turn rotations, a variety of leaps and jumps, enter-floor work and across-the-floor combinations. This class is a great way to introduce students to both of these styles while also increasing the dancer's memory for choreography and movement patterns.

Hip Hop

This is a high energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B, and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today's hottest video choreographers. Hip-hop encompasses movements that have elements of popping, locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.


This modern technique class will work on the use of the spine, asymmetry, rolls, floor work, level changes and the dynamic use of energy in movement. Anatomy will be stressed to encourage body awareness. No prior contemporary experience required.


This is a class that will develop the dancer's flexibility level. It focuses on stretching the hips and back as well as building muscle for tumbling. Our main goal is to increase flexibility so the student can work through contortion and gymnastics stunts in a fun and exciting way.

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