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Adult Ballet
The ballet program we offer for adults is an amazing way to keep in shape and stay strong. You will learn all the basic techniques of ballet and advance as the year progresses. There is a standard barre taught in this class and you will also do some across the floor and center work.

Adult Hip Hop
This class is a fun way to stay hip! You will learn combinations to new and upbeat songs. This class has a very outgoing feel where you can freestyle and learn isolated movements. It is a great class to take if you enjoy high energy environments!

Adult Modern/Contemp
This class concentrates on proper technique, flexability, and style. Dancers will explore single-turn rotations; a variety of leaps and jumps while learning about different contemporary and jazz forms. It will also touch on improvisation and choreography to allow the dancer to express their emotions and work through the stress of the day.


Adult Tap
Our adult program includes two different skill levels. We have a beginners tap class and an intermediate tap class. This class is a great way to get your feet moving. You will learn all sorts of intricate movements with your feet to make the smoothest rhythms.