spc Maddie Vaught      

From an early age Madeline has had a deep love for dancing and performing. She would dance around her living room singing "Do Re Mi" from The Sound of Music, and her parents knew it was time to channel her creative spirit into dance class. Since the age of 4 Madeline has trained in all styles of dance, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Tap, but has a special passion for tap.

Two years ago she joined Josh Scribner's tap company Alchemy Tap Project (ATP) and has performed in various venues and shows across Western Washington. She also has been a part of the Premiere Dance Center competition team, competing in local and national competitions. Recently she was overjoyed to receive the "Broadway Bound" scholarship from Celebrity Dance competition, allowing her to travel to New York and further her training by taking classes from world-renown teachers.

Madeline has always had a passion for dance, but also a passion for teaching young children. One of the most beautiful things in her eyes is seeing a little girl or boy discover dance and fall in love with it, just as she did so many years ago. She hopes to encourage their passion, feed their drive, and help them achieve their dreams.

"Every class is like a box of chocolates; no two are the same but all leave you wanting more. You never know what you're going to get! My advice…eat the whole box. And the box after that. And the box after that." –Madeline