spc Horace Price      

Horace Price has been dancing since he was 8 years old. As a child he would watch music videos of Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown and mimic what he saw on the screen. He would study YouTube videos and dabbled in choreography and dancing for talent shows and family events. Horace became serious with his dance studies when he became the President of the Hip Hop Club at his high school. This experience helped teach him to choreograph on groups of dancers, to create his own style within the genre and how to use leadership skills. He has experience in teaching ages 7-18+ He has taught professionally for over five years at PacWest, and has taught Company classes for competition since for several of those. He was honored to win the "Choreography Award" at Seattle Spotlight 2015 competition. He has also taught at Vibe Dance Studio for two years & Kontagious Performing Company for a year while being a Captain on a team. Amazingly all the while, majority of his dance career he has been self taught which caused him to create his own unique style. He now trains and dabbles in hip hop classes and technique classes to keep growing as a student. He also has in own dance crew "ReZonate" to keep pushing his art and craft with his team to share with the community. He's an Urban Hip Hop Choreographer and has a few styles under his belt including Animation/Dubstep, Hip-Hop Lyrical and Guttah/Wordplay. His ultimate goal is to inspire others to really go after what they are passionate about. He wants to influence his students to take risks and keep pushing themselves to reach new levels.