spc Makenna Liller      

Makenna Liller has been dancing since the age of 4 and plans to move to Seattle, Washington in the Fall to pursue her dance career. In 2014, Makenna joined the Company at Millennium Dance Complex Pittsburgh and was a member for 2 years. While being with the Company, she performed in multiple shows in Pittsburgh, Choreographers Carnival in LA, Millennium Experience: LA, World of Dance Chicago in which the Company received 3rd place, and the World of Dance finals that were held in Pasadena, California. Along with being a member of the Company, she was also a work study at MDCP for 2 years. Growing up in Ohio, Makenna competitively danced for 2 studios, and was trained in all styles. Makenna has taught in multiple studios around the Ohio and Pennsylvania area for almost 4 years. She has experience working with many choreographers such as Lance and Danielle Guierllmo, Will Thomas, Hannah Wintrode, Eddie Moody and many more. Makenna is planning to teach and continue to train and grow as a dancer when she moves to Seattle.