spc Jacklyn Wheatley      

Jaclyn Wheatley, originally from Vancouver, B. C., is a performer and teaching artist in the Seattle area. An alumna of the Alvin Ailey/Fordham University BFA program, Jaclyn graduated summa cum laude with a major in Dance and a minor in Business Administration. As a member of the JUNTOS Collective, Jaclyn travelled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to participate in dance outreach activities. She has performed the works of Alvin Ailey, Jennifer Archibald, Joshua Beamish, Ronald K. Brown, Francesca Harper, and New York City Arch Contemporary Ballet. A member of Spectrum Dance Theater for the past three seasons, Jaclyn has performed in many of Donald Byrd's productions including Drastic Cuts, Carmina Burana, LOVE, The Minstrel Show Revisited, and the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of Carousel.