spc Fayth Harris      

Fayth Harris started dancing at the age of fourteen. She trained with the Shorecrest High School Hip Hop Team under the direction of Rex Kinney from 2011 to 2014. Throughout these years Fayth gained a strong appreciation for community and collaborating with other movers. As a member of the Shorecrest Hip Hop Team, Fayth performed in various shows and competitions across Washington. In 2016, Fayth then joined Hannah Wintrode's Hip Hip Training Program and Company, The Westsiders. During Fayth's training with The Westsiders she had the opportunity to build her dance vocabulary, train in different genres of dance, and get in tune with her artistry. Today, Fayth trains at Westlake Dance Center and Freedom Dance Center. Her main goals as a teacher is to provide a safe space for her students to explore, step out of their comfort zones, and have fun.